Daas is Vlogging 2.0

Professional vlogging is the biggest branding opportunity of 2020s. The few forward-thinking brands that exploit it now will reap the benefits for decades.

DaaS is a pioneering new model for engaging and capturing audiences. If you’re aiming high over the next decade, we should really have a conversation about experimenting with this model.

Packages Start at $10,000/mo


Packages Can Include;

  • Up to 5 days of shooting per week
  • Up to 5 full-length vlogs per week
  • YouTube Channel design & custom cover art
  • Up to 2 Instagram posts per day
  • Unique teasers for Instagram, Twitter, Snap
  • Up to 20 personal, targeted videos per month

Blow Up Your Instagram

Instagram Account Building

We produce the content. You get the results.

Packages start at $400/mo

Packages Can Include;

  • 25-50 Instagram posts per month
  • Engaging captions with calls to action
  • Researched hashtag development
  • Prime scheduled posting
  • Strategic growth partnerships
  • Setting up your bio to maximize conversions
Todd Bishop

Podcasting Expertise & Execution

Podcasting Prowess On Demand

Audio Storytelling is Important. Are you ready to capitalize?

Packages Start at $1,000/mo


Packages Can Include;

  • Up to 5 hours of audio per month
  • Up to 8 episodes per month
  • Customized Show Notes
  • Unique episode image
  • Consulting on Content & Production
  • Guest Sourcing & Booking
  • Appearances on Other Podcasts


Our Experience

  • 100,000s of downloads
  • Listeners in 120+ countries
  • 300+ episodes produced
  • 1,000+ guests booked across multiple shows
Hannah Phillips & Aaron Watson

Leadership Team

Aaron Watson

Chief Executive Officer

Aaron’s experience in media creation and strategy started at the age of 23 when he launched a podcast, Going Deep with Aaron Watson. In the subsequent 3 years, he has built a powerful network, executed profitable events around Pittsburgh, and started a paid public speaking career on the back of his digital media brand building.

As the co-founder of Piper Creative, Aaron is passionate about leveraging his expertise to help others build influence, execute effective storytelling, and master distribution of their content.

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Hannah Phillips

Chief Creative Officer

From an early age, Hannah developed a love for art and creating, and has grown those passions into hard skills that could build a business.

She started HPMedia in 10th grade and was dedicated to growing it part-time throughout high school. After graduating in 2016, she started an apprenticeship/entrepreneurship program called Praxis. After apprenticing at a digital marketing agency, Hannah found sustainable success in full-time creative work.

Piper Creative offers her the opportunity to guide and mentor the next generation of creatives while leveraging their skills to transform brands and drive business outcomes.

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