Keep Pittsburgh Dope


There are a select few creatives in Pittsburgh that we really respect. Chancellor Humphrey is one of them.

Over the last few years, Chance has made a name for himself with inspiring street style photography and an event series called Creatives Drink. With co-conspirator Cody Baker, Chance throws parties that the entire city buzzes about. By day, Chance walks the streets of Pittsburgh finding people with their own unique style and character.

In this episode, we interview Chance about his growth as a artist, his experience planning events, and the impact that rapper Wiz Khalifa has had one him. Our favorite part of the vlog is after the interview, when we explain what we’re doing with Piper.

He gets it.

Not everyone we explain ourselves to does, so to have a great creative affirm our worldview means a lot. Especially from the man Keeping Pittsburgh Dope.

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