Going Deep Summit 3.0

A one-day conference geared to help entrepreneurs, innovators, and connectors take their thinking to the next level.

At the Event, You Will
Expand your Mind, Fill your Heart, and Grow your Tribe

Why Attend?
Our Diverse Speakers and Audience will Spark your Imagination 

Saturday March 28th, 2020

Union Trust Building
501 Grant St, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15219

It’s going to be epic!

Once a year, the most ambitious people from around the region descend to Pittsburgh for a full day of connection, big ideas, and practical strategy.

The keynotes from past events have been viewed thousands of times around the globe.

Check out this highlight reel from Going Deep Summit 2.0

2020 Feature Sponsor

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Going Deep Summit provides an opportunity to connect your brand with the best and brightest entrepreneurs, sales professionals, executives, and business owners. Join us as a sponsor to feature your brand at the most anticipated event of 2020.

2019 Speakers

Allen Gannett – TrackMaven CEO, Bestselling Author “The Creative Curve”

Tammy Thompson – Executive Director of Circles Greater Pittsburgh

Kenny Chen – AI Policy Expert

Gisele Fetterman – Second Lady of Pennsylvania

Mike Dariano – Head of Insight Delivery at The Waiter’s Pad

2018 Speakers

Zak Slayback, Bestselling Author, Entrepreneur, and LinkedIn Top Voice on Education

Ed Latimore, Heavyweight Boxer, Author, and Physicist

Leah Lizarondo, CEO of 412 Food Rescue

Adam Haritan, Naturalist & Founder of Learn Your Land

Dan Bull, Founder of Zero Six Eight & Work Pittsburgh

Michelle King & Nick Kaczmarek, Education Innovators

Larry Gioia, SuperConnector @ Connection U, PwC, and Dynamic Paddlers

This is the type of event that A players attend. 

That doesn’t mean you’re an A player today.

Maybe you have work to do. That’s fine.

If you attend, you will meet some of the right people.

You will walk away with a new idea.

You will understand the world a little bit better.